The Leading Data Center Contractor and Cloud Service Provider in Vietnam
Looking for a data center infrastructure for swift deployment while prioritizing cost-effectiveness without compromising performance? USDC Technology offers a range of solutions tailored to your requirements, addressing the challenges commonly faced by existing data centers.
About Us
As a trusted data center contractor and cloud service provider, our commitment is to provide services that adhere to world-class standards, ensuring an exceptional experience for our customers across various industries.

Enthusiastic Consultation

Drawing upon extensive expertise and a wealth of experience in Data Center and Cloud Computing, alongside the backing of strategic partners, we express our confidence in delivering pragmatic IT infrastructure solutions to our valued customers.

Cost-Efficient Solution

Streamline energy usage, resource allocation, personnel deployment, and operational expenses, all while enhancing system safety and automation. Empower customers to tailor cloud services according to the specific requirements of their real applications.

Professional Support

We dedicate resources to develop the most proactive and interactive support system, ensuring swift resolution of risks and troubleshooting issues. This commitment is aimed at earning the trust of our valued customers.

Strengths Create Advantages

Through advanced technology, USDC Technology strategically optimizes resource utilization and operating costs, enhancing the safety, efficiency, and productivity of IT systems and data centers. We have cultivated the capabilities to deliver a comprehensive range of services, encompassing data center, storage, backup, hardware, and network and security layers.

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Our Solutions & Services

Data Center Contracting

USDC Technology offers a comprehensive design-build-operate approach in our consultancy services. Our designs adhere consistently to industry standards such as Uptime Tier and ANSI/TIA-942, ensuring they meet specified requirements.

Data Center as a Service

We strategize high-availability solutions for data centers and modern communication infrastructure, developing operational concepts and contingency plans. Our services encompass comprehensive architecture planning and beyond.

Cloud-based Solutions

USDC Technology provides cloud environments with four key advantages: Simplicity, Strength, Scalability, and Smart tools. These tools offer a straightforward approach to creating and managing single, multi, or hybrid cloud environments.

ICT Solutions & Services

Through strategic collaborations with industry-leading technology partners, we strive to provide holistic solutions that address both business and technology challenges. USDC Technology, in tandem with our partners, assists customers in optimizing financial and organizational opportunities while mitigating risks and minimizing costs.

Collaborative Partner Network

By collaborating with leading technology partners, we aim to deliver comprehensive solutions to address customers’ business and technology problems, USDC Technology and our partners are able to help customers optimize financial & organizational opportunities while minimizing risks & costs.

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