Uptime Tier to TIA-942 Upgrade Certification

It is widely recognized that the Uptime Institute Tier Topology guideline exclusively focuses on the electrical and mechanical components of a data center’s infrastructure. While these aspects are undeniably crucial, data center stakeholders have increasingly realized that the Uptime Institute’s Tier guidelines lack essential elements for contemporary business-critical environments. Clients are now questioning Uptime Institute Tier-certified data center operators about the exclusion of vital components such as physical security, network infrastructure, fire safety, and architecture.

Uptime Institute’s Tier guideline is not an official accredited standard and neither does it have an official accreditation scheme whereby audits conducted are having oversight from an accreditation body. Uptime conduct the Uptime Tier Topology assessment themselves and print their own certificates. 

This is an evident conflict of interest and bias which is prohibited by standard organizations such as ISO. Accredited standards under ISO have a clear definition to avoid conflict of interest by separating the SDO (Standards Development Organization) from the AB (Accreditation Body) and the auditor/CB/CAB (Certification Body/Conformity Assessment Body).

Uptime Tier to TIA-942 Upgrade Certification

Four Key Reasons Why You Should Consider Upgrading from Uptime to ANSI/TIA-942

Extensive Coverage: ANSI/TIA-942 offers a broader coverage compared to Uptime Institute Tier Topology, encompassing key aspects like Electrical, Mechanical, Telecommunication, Architectural, Site Location, Fire Safety, and Physical Security. This comprehensive scope is vital for addressing the diverse requirements of modern mission-critical data centers.

True Standard: Unlike Uptime Institute Tier Topology, a commercial guideline, ANSI/TIA-942 is an accredited global standard issued by a recognized Standard Development Organization (SDO) accredited by ANSI. This official status enhances transparency and reliability, making it a preferred choice for data center stakeholders aiming for industry-accepted norms.

True Accredited Certification: ANSI/TIA-942 certification follows a stringent process with clear roles and oversight by an Accreditation Body (AB) within an accredited certification scheme. In contrast, Uptime Institute Tier certification is a self-certification process, lacking external accreditation and impartial validation. Opting for ANSI/TIA-942 ensures a higher standard and potential cost savings.

Cost-Effective Solutions: TIA-942 assessments, conducted by qualified auditors, offer a cost-effective alternative to Uptime Institute’s consultant-driven assessments. Choosing ANSI/TIA-942 not only guarantees a superior standard but may also result in reduced certification costs, providing an economically attractive option for data center owners and operators.

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