Develop the Optimal Strategy to Protect Your Business And For an Efficient Operation

Enable Business Growth with Strategic Data Center Planning

By assess the capabilities of your IT operations, facilities infrastructures, and management frameworks, and thoroughly understand the current and future state IT and facilities requirements for your data center strategy, we help you determine how many data centers you’ll need, where they should be located, how large, and what type they should be. We probe your strategic options of building and owning the data center, outsourcing it, or using a co-location service. Based on strategy, we develop the conceptual technology basis of design, growth modeling, sourcing options, and cost models. We’ll work with you as your trusted advisor for the entire transformation of your data center facility footprint.

Optimal Strategy to Protect Your Business and Efficient Operation

This is the only way to use information technology in a goal-oriented and economic way thus the right strategy is required. We analyze your company’s current IT infrastructure to determine whether it works in accordance with your working processes, business goals and visions. By offering well-founded support our specialists help you to make decisions for the IT’s strategic orientation and to determine and evaluate the most important factors.

In accordance with your needs we realize make-or-buy-studies, market analyses and the development of outsourcing strategies. Based on the results we compile a customized, goal-oriented strategy for current and future demands to bring out the best of your IT.


We compile concepts for and with you applying to your company and to current standards as well as to company-specific and legal demands. We check and evaluate for example your locations and current technical equipment to give you an overview of the status of your IT infrastructure and security.

We can help you fit the pieces of the puzzle together and prepare a strategy that will be well researched, backed by real data and proven analysis, and addresses the fundamental questions required to get your project green-lighted.

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  1. Should we upgrade or expand our data center?
  2. What are my options for incorporating cloud services into my enterprise?
  3. How to I effectively plan and provision for data center demand?
  4. What data center disaster recovery configuration is best for my business?
  5. Is it more cost-effective to build a data center or co-locate?
  6. Where is the best data center locations to minimize costs and minimize risk?
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