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Successful Data Center Migration

Executing a successful data center transition can be quite challenging for many IT organizations to perform in-house due to resource constraints, competing initiatives, juggling day-to-day activities or simply a lack of experience.

We help companies mitigate risk and stand ready for all of the challenges that data center migrations or relocations inevitably create. Our experts will thoroughly assess your requirements, evaluate business and technical constraints, develop a comprehensive migration plan and navigate the transition from infrastructure build-out to systems validation to go-live

Understands The Complexity And Unique Scope

As part of the design phase, our experts will have developed detailed design and migration plans, including performance and scalability requirements, storage and server architecture, business continuity and disaster recovery, network services, physical layer connectivity, and environmental specifications (heating, energy, cabling, required space). In this phase, our experts are available to manage the whole project and to deploy all or parts of your new or updated data center(s).


USDC Technology experts are here to support critical parts of your solution design and deployment. This includes Solution Architects (SA) and Field Engineers (FE), who are trained in designing and deploying a variety of solutions. Whatever the gap, we apply our expert knowledge to help you plan, implement, and operate the solution(s) that are best suited to your business needs.

Our resources provide the following types of services

  1. Assessment / Audit
  2. Best Practices Guidance
  3. Plan / Design
  4. Implementation
  5. Optimization
  6. Knowledge Transfer & Documentation
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