Power & Automation

We introduce the Switchboards, which are the modular design that can be tailor-made to meet the client’s exact specifications. It can be an L shape or the U shape to fit in your limit space switchroom. This versatile system can be modified during production or even on-site to keep up with any last-minute design changes. The modular system also allows us to join two or more sections together, enabling a larger cubicle for housing bulky protection devices.

In-house testing also occurs to ensure reliable & quality products.

Motor Control Center

The MCC – Motor Control Centres are versatile solutions for the needs of the industry even with high nominal currents.

The MCC – system is used in realisation of various types of solutions for the supply and control of electrical motors. With a wide range of selection, form 2b up to 4b, the outgoing units can be withdrawable, removable or fixed. The system also includes instrumentation cabinets, integrated power factor compensation solutions and a busbar trunking system.

Our products are always delivered ready-to-install and special attention has been paid to the productivity of installation. The Hai Nam switchboards are recognised by their modern and stylish colouring: intermediate parts are graphite grey whereas the panels are beige.

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