Elevate Your Data Center with TIA-942 Site/Facilities Certification (DCCC)

“Our partnership with USDC Technology marks a significant milestone in advancing the standards of data centers in Vietnam. By ensuring that data centers in Vietnam are designed and built to meet the TIA-942 standard, the partnership guarantees alignment with international standards. This will not only attract global customers and investors but also position Vietnam as a hub for cutting-edge, world-class data infrastructure. With this collaboration, Vietnam’s data center industry is not just looking to meet standards; it’s building a reputation for excellence and reliability in the digital era.”

Edward van Leent, Chairman and CEO of EPI Group

About TIA-942 Site/Facilities (DCCC) Certification

The TIA-942 Site/Facilities Certification (DCCC) confirms that the data center facility in question has undergone a thorough physical examination to ensure compliance with the design criteria specified in the TIA-942 standard for the relevant Rating level. This examination includes an assessment of all pertinent design documents and a physical on-site inspection of each area covered by the TIA-942 standard scope.

The TIA-942 Site/Facilities Certification remains valid for a duration of three years.

Why Opt for TIA-942 DCCC with USDC Technology?

Comprehensive Site Evaluation: Our experts conduct thorough evaluations to ensure your data center site meets TIA-942 standards for architecture, security, and facilities.

Customized Solutions: Tailored recommendations and solutions that address the unique requirements of your site, optimizing it for peak performance.

Certification Assurance: With USDC Technology, you can be confident that your data center site will not only meet but exceed TIA-942 Site/Facilities Certification standards.

Our Certification Services

TIA-942 Site/Facilities Certification: Our team guides you through the certification process, ensuring your data center site complies with TIA-942 standards for architecture, redundancy, and security.

Site Optimization: Maximize the efficiency of your data center site with our optimization services, enhancing its performance and reliability.

Continuous Monitoring: Implement proactive monitoring solutions to ensure ongoing compliance with TIA-942 standards and identify opportunities for improvement.

EPI and USDC Technology Pave Way for Vietnam Data Centers to Meet Global Standards

EPI has appointed USDC Technology as its Vietnam partner for the TIA-942 audit and certification program. This strategic partnership represents a significant leap forward for the Vietnam data center industry. USDC Technology will take advantage of EPI’s international expertise to help Vietnam data centers design and build facilities that meet the highest quality based on the TIA-942 standard.

Ready to Embark on a Journey Towards TIA-942 Site/Facilities Certification with USDC Technology?

USDC Technology is a leading provider of data center solutions, specializing in TIA-942 Site/Facilities Certification (DCCC). We are committed to delivering unparalleled expertise and support to help organizations optimize their data center sites for peak performance.