USDC Technology Chosen by Vietnam's Premier ISP & VoD/OTT Operator for Data Center Migration

Experiencing rapid growth, Saigontourist Cable Television Company (SCTV), a major ISP & VoD/OTT Operator in Vietnam, faced capacity constraints at its primary data center. To ensure sustained growth, SCTV sought an IT strategy for scalability. USDC Technology was tasked with recommending systems, assessing the transfer of non-redundant production systems to a new data center, aiming to enhance stability and disaster recovery capabilities.

Before Data Center Migration

SCTV’s data center portfolio formed a intricate network of sites hosting hundreds of servers, devices, and applications for ISP and VoD/OTT operations in Vietnam and worldwide. Hampered by obsolete infrastructure, the client faced imminent capacity constraints in space, power, and network bandwidth. Given the business’s continuous service to hundreds of thousands of customers globally, any operational disruption was intolerable.

Our Strategy for Migration

On February 21, we received the necessary information for the equipment transfer to a new data center. A preparatory survey was conducted on February 22. Between February 23 and 24, statistics were compiled, equipment was labeled, internal connections were assessed, and the uplink was configured. The migration, executed according to plan, took place from February 25 to 27.

This comprehensive data center migration encompassed transferring the old data center to a new one, installing new racks, servers, and core switches. To minimize service impact, each rack server’s power was switched off during the move. Equipment was reinstalled, connecting internal and uplink components as per the original plan. Throughout this process, we organized fiber optic cables, signal cables, and power cables for safety and aesthetics.

To monitor equipment status, device inspection reports were generated before and after the migration. Daily acceptance tests and handovers ensured progress monitoring and workload allocation. The overall activity plan was successfully completed on schedule, with confirmation that fiber optic cables, copper cables, and power cables were operating effectively post-migration.

Outcomes Following Migration

The migration of all production workloads from the old data center to the new facility proved highly successful, enhancing the prompt delivery of IT services to various lines of business. Additionally, the client achieved future cost reductions by standardizing compute and storage platforms, optimizing virtualization technologies, and embracing a proactive investment approach in modern technologies to replace outdated infrastructure.

Post-migration to the new data center, comprehensive arrangements and network cable adjustments were implemented for optimal server system organization, ensuring the secure and efficient operation of the data center, and facilitating more convenient operational management.

We Are Your Trusted Partner!

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