Edge Nodes
Micro Data Centre


We continuously exploring the best combinations between the various modules to
optimize our Micro Data Centers and provide the most effective configuration. Each
module is a crucial and unique component that plays a vital role in achieving our

Product Code: EDW-06E 


Public Price: 850.000.000 VNĐ


Secured Protection
• IP55-rated IT environment, excellent dust resistance, and noise reduction capabilities, Anti-condensation design, ensure quiet, secure, and stable operation.
• Smart 3in1(PIN/Finger/RFID) Door access system, prevent unauthorized entry.
• Real-time equipment status monitoring and alarm, avoid delayed response.
Energy Efficiency
• Various efficient inverter precision air conditioning options provide energy-saving solutions.
Smart Monitoring
• Full sensor communication, all-in-one real-time monitoring and management center, minimizing downtime.
• Support remote centralized management and constant monitoring, enhancing operational efficiency and flexibility.
High Flexibility
• LEGO-style modular design allows for easy customization and expansion.
• Factory prefab and plug-and-play design enable easy deployment and relocation, reducing setup time and effort.


Space for IT : 26U
Power for IT: 3.0 kW
Size: 600(W)x1100(D)x2000(H) (mm)
Weight: 310 kg
IP Level IP55
Input Power: 220 1P/50Hz -240V/1P/50Hz
UPS Power: 6kVA
Standard Battery: 16 Pcs x 12V/9AH
Top cooling type: Package DX (3.5kW)
DCIM: Touch screen display, Remote web access, Modbus-TCP
UPS management, Cooling management
Temp. & Hum. Sensor, Smoke Sensor, Water Sensor, Door Sensor
Access Control: RFID/Finger/PIN
Fire Extinguisher: FM200 Rack Module (Opt.) / Early Detection: Vesda (Opt.)