At USDC, we offer a wide range of job opportunities from freshers to well proven professionals at the top of the hierarchy. We value diversity on an individual level. We’re dedicated to creating an environment where people can be their authentic selves and share their own diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and ideas.

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Strengths Create Advantages

With technology, USDC Technology optimizes resources usage and operating costs to improve the safety, efficiency and productivity of  IT systems, Data Centers. We have developed the capabilities to provide a complete suite of offerings from level services which include datacenter, storage, backup, hardware to network and security layers.

The A Team

With in-depth knowledge and rich experience in Data Center, Cloud Computing, USDC Technology is confident to bring the latest technology for employees to exchange skills and experience.

In here, we are family!

USDC Technology pushes employees to achieve further goals by supporting them with experts' consultancy, POC on new technologies and devices, and willing to receive their opinions to help company go farther.

Professional Support

USDC Technology invests in building the most proactive interactive support system to promptly overcome risks, troubleshoot problems, employees will experience what other companies are lacking.

Career at USDC Technology