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At USDC Technology, we commit to providing a solid foundation for the efficient operation of the digital world through a set of independent innovation, neutral, reliable, flexible and open full-dimensional cloud platform. Accelerate the digital transformation from hundreds industries.

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Your Data Is Our Top Priorities

Universal Smart Data Center Technology (USDC Tech) is a professional and leading company in technology construction for Smart Data Center services in Vietnam and the region. At USDC, nothing is of greater importance to us than keeping your applications online and your data secure. Our commitment to taking total ownership of projects has resulted in an enviable client portfolio, featuring some of the most renowned brands. 

USDC is also the first choice for the young entrepreneur whose Cloud software needs secure, continual hosting.

Strengths Create Advantages

With technology, USDC Technology optimizes resources usage and operating costs to improve the safety, efficiency and productivity of  IT systems, Data Centers. We have developed the capabilities to provide a complete suite of offerings from level services which include datacenter, storage, backup, hardware to network and security layers.

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Enthusiastic Consultation

With in-depth knowledge and rich experience in Data Center, Cloud Computing, and the support of strategic partners, USDC Technology are confident to bring practical IT infrastructure solutions to customers.

Optimal Cost Solution

Optimize energy, resources, personnel, operating costs while maximizing the safety and automation of the system. Allow customers to customize cloud service based on the real application's needs.

Professional Support

USDC Technology invests in building the most proactive interactive support system to promptly overcome risks, troubleshoot problems, and gain trust from customers.

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