Data Center Contracting

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Audit and Consulting Services

Our experts at USDC Technology conduct a thorough assessment of customer infrastructure needs and current status. Subsequently, we provide tailored recommendations for building or upgrading data center infrastructure, along with strategic business consultations. Our goal is to ensure that organizations achieve optimal performance requirements at the most cost-effective investment.
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Design and Planning

We explore strategic options, whether it’s building and owning, outsourcing, or utilizing co-location services. Our approach involves developing the conceptual technology basis of design, growth modeling, sourcing options, and cost models aligned with your strategy. Trust us as your advisor throughout the entire transformation of your data center facility footprint.
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Data Center Renovation

Our assistance is tailored to help companies mitigate risks and overcome the challenges inherent in data center migrations or relocations. Our experts conduct thorough assessments, evaluate business and technical constraints, and meticulously develop a comprehensive migration plan. Trust us to make your data center migration a success.
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DC Construction Services

Our comprehensive services encompass site selection, architectural design, infrastructure deployment, and seamless system integration. Count on us to deliver a state-of-the-art data center that not only meets industry standards but aligns perfectly with your business objectives, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
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DC Maintenance Services

From inspections to repairs and thorough testing, our holistic approach ensures peak performance. We combine technical and administrative measures throughout the lifecycle, preserving and restoring the functionality of your observation unit. Trust us for meticulous care and maintenance to uphold the demanded function.
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DC Management Services

From proactive monitoring to strategic planning, our comprehensive solutions ensure that your critical infrastructure operates seamlessly. Trust us to provide 24/7 support, resource optimization, and compliance adherence, offering a holistic approach that aligns with the unique needs of your business.
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