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Cloud drives growth


We probe your strategic options of building and owning the data center, outsourcing it, or using a co-location service. Based on strategy, we develop the conceptual technology basis of design, growth modeling, sourcing options, and cost models. We’ll work with you as your trusted advisor for the entire transformation of your data center facility footprint.
Virtual Private Cloud


We plan high-available data centers solutions and modern communication infrastructure and also develop operational concepts and contingency plans. Our services range from the comprehensive planning of architecture, include all technical crafts, to all kinds of consulting services regarding data centers.

Enthusiastic Consultation

With in-depth knowledge and rich experience in Data Center, Cloud Computing, and the support of strategic partners, we are confident to bring practical IT infrastructure solutions to customers.

Cost Optimization Solution

Optimize energy, resources, personnel, operating costs while maximizing the safety and automation of the system. Allow customers to customize cloud service based on the real application's needs.

Professional Support

USDC Technology invests in building the most proactive interactive support system to promptly overcome risks, troubleshoot problems, and gain trust from customers.

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By collaborating with leading technology partners, we aim to deliver comprehensive solutions to address customers’ business and technology problems, USDC Technology and our partners are able to help customers optimize financial & organizational opportunities while minimizing risks & costs.

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