Data Center Smart Power

UPS5000-E Series

Rated capacity (kW): 30-800
Power module (kW):30KW or 50KW/module
Power system: 380/400/415Vac 3Ph+N+PE
Efficiency: Up to 96% @ online mode, Up to 99.1% @ S-ECO mode

UPS5000-H Series

Rated capacity (kW): 400-1600
Power module (kW):100KW/module
Power system: 200/108/210Vac or 380/400/415VAC or 480Vac, 3Ph+N+PE or 3Ph+PE
Efficiency: Up to 97% @ online mode, Up to 99.1% @ S-ECO mode

SmartLi Series

Huawei-developed battery energy storage system solution that provides backup power for small, medium and large-sized data centers and key power supply scenarios. A battery energy storage system for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs), the SmartLi Solution offers a long lifespan in a compact, space saving design, for a safe, reliable power supply that’s easier to maintain.

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