SmartLi Series


SmartLi is a battery energy storage system developed by Huawei for UPS, which has the features of safety and reliability, long lifespan, space saving and easy maintenance. LFP is the safest cell of Li-ion battery. The unique active current balance control technology supports the mix use of new and old batteries, which reduces Capex (Capital Expenditure). Three-level BMS system realizes intelligent battery management with Huawei UPS and Network management system, which reduces Opex (Operating Expense).


  • Data centers in headquarter or disaster recovery data centers
  • Internet data centers
  • Large cloud computing data centers



  • Long cycle lifespan, cycle lifetime can be up to 5000 times
  • Highly stable LFP cell, no fire after thermal runaway
  • Three-level BMS system ensures reliability
  • Battery Module-level fire extinguishing, precise and quick fire fighting


  • High power density, saving 70% footprint
  • Smart BMS system, saving 80% routine O&M costs


  • Active current balance control, supporting new and old battery cabinets mixed using, flexible to expand
  • Smart active voltage balance control, Battery strings of different numbers of lithium batteries can be connected in parallel ①
  • Automatic grouping and capacity check, reducing manual capacity test costs and avoiding power failure risks