One Workspace - Any Device - Anywhere

Enable fast, low-cost and secure homeworking on any device!

Securely Access Your Office Desktop With Your Own Computer

Connect via the browser to your personal computer (or company laptop) into your desktop which is running at the office. You will not require any additional VDA licensing if you remotely connect from a Windows device to your primary desktop/laptop that is connected to the company network (learn more about how RDS & VDI licensing works here). However, unlike a plain and open RDP access, Awingu will add layers of security on top of the RDP access to protect your IT assets to the maximum.

Plug Your Existing Server-based Computing Assets

Do you have server-based computing (application server, RDP or VDI setup, file servers, AD, etc.) in store? Use the full capability of Awingu’s unified workspace and make all your assets available under a single pane of glass. Enable your employees to have a highly secure and audited login via the browser, without the need to install anything. Give them access to all apps (legacy via RDP, SaaS and intranet via reverse proxy), VDI capabilities and files and maintain productivity by installing appliance and get your homeworking plan up and running in a few hours, from start to finish.

Deploy In 3 Simple Steps

1. Set up Awingu in your backend

Install the Awingu virtual appliance in the cloud of your choice (private, public or hybrid) and plug in your existing infrastructural components such as your AD, application and file servers, etc.

2. Upload and activate your license keys

Once your environment is ready and you want to go live, you can convert your Awingu product keys into the Awingu license via our end-user license activation portal and upload it to the appliance.

3. Roll out and inform your users

Inform your users about the existence of the digital workplace and instruct them on how to set up their multi-factor authentication and how they must use Awingu via the Awingu User Guide.

Why We Select Awingu for Digital Workspace Solution?

Covid19 has pushed businesses all over the world to adopt homeworking. However, it was not always set up in the ideal way: from IT tools to management style to how the employee works. Things were implemented in a rush. With Awingu, we will bring to our customers great benefits from:

– Easy remote access to all company applications, desktops and files
– Access via any device, managed or unmanaged
– Able to work anywhere, at any time
– Fully secured and compliant usage audit

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