We bring a Concept of Mature, Stable, Safe and Reliable Lightweight Enterprise Private Cloud to Power Your Business

Enterprise Virtual Private Cloud

Our Enterprise Virtual Private Cloud is a cloud computing solution that we based on public cloud operation experience and adapts to enterprise private scenarios, helping enterprises to quickly realize data center cloudification and assist enterprise digital transformation.

We develop security and compliance ready framework to help enterprises to deploy and migrate existing workloads in private environment.

Product Advantages - USDC Differentiators

We offer industry and regulatory compliance with country data regulations and norms across various geographies

Custom Hardware & Software
We provide customized IaaS to cater to the enterprise needs. uVPC supports 90+ operating system which allow to deploy any system, including Windows and Linux

We provide faster deployment for enterprises within and can be scaled horizontally and in parallel to adapt to various business needs

The core virtualization components are all derived from the UCloud hybrid cloud

The core technologies are all independently developed, non-open source solutions, with 100% control, continuous upgrades and customizable capabilities.

Complete Solutions
Provide IaaS services, including virtual machines, object storage, cloud-based services, database, big data and other service suites.

Make Your Cloud Journey Sound & Safe

Our VPC is designed to support range of cloud maturity levels and span the entire deployment lifecycle, from strategic planning and assessment to implementation and management. Whether you are looking to start the transition to private cloud, expand existing capabilities or cloud-enable your data center, USDC can help you earn the benefits of private cloud quickly and effectively.

We provide total ownership by taking end-to-end responsibility of managed services across all the leading private cloud platforms and technologies so you can focus on your core business.

Our Partners - Our Expertise

By collaborating with leading technology partners, we aim to deliver comprehensive solutions to address customers’ business and technology problems, USDC Technology and our partners are able to help customers optimize financial & organizational opportunities while minimizing risks & costs.

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