Provides Instant Access to Corporate Apps and Desktops Anytime & Anywhere

Provides Industry-Leading Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is Cloud-based Solutions, deliver 24/7 instantaneous access to corporate applications and desktops. VDI provides a flexible working environment, data processing and cloud-based applications. We also allows users to access anytime, anywhere on any mobile device (Laptop, Mobile, Tablet, …).

VDI, powered by VMware Horizon 7, provides a streamlined approach to delivering, managing and protecting virtual desktops and applications.

What's The Real Advantages of USDC's VDI Solutions?

Rapid Deployment, Flexible Expansion
Support multi-platform access: Thin Client, Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet … Minimize the risk of terminal devices. Meet the needs of working at home. All just need the Internet.

Minimizes Security
Centralized storage, reduces the risk of data loss with strict security policies. Integrated system security system, antivirus – antivirus protection.

Cost Saving
Since processing is done on the server, the hardware requirements for end devices are much lower. Users can access their virtual desktops from older devices, thin clients, or even tablets, reducing the need for IT to purchase new and expensive hardware.

Centralized Management
VDI’s centralized format allows IT to easily patch, update or configure all the virtual desktops in a system.

No Hardware Dependencies
Users can connect to their virtual desktop from any location or device, making it easy for employees to access all their files and applications and work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Maximizes Productivity
Both IT and end-users can attain maximum productivity within minutes. Employees are no longer chained to a physical endpoint, enabling them to roam while maintaining productivity on their tasks.

Businesses and Organizations with Many Branches
Including many branches and transaction offices located on a large scale but requiring high security, centralized management, and synchronization of infrastructure and database.

Medical Units – Hospitals, Private Clinics, etc.
By assigning specific rights, each health professional can have a virtual desktop that will only allow them to view the relevant patient records.

Education and Training Establishments
With VDI, the IT team can give each student their virtual desktop any necessary restrictions during registration. Then, when they graduate, the IT team can delete the virtual desktop with just a few clicks, very quickly and conveniently.

When Do You Need to Use VDI?

Customer Support Center
Shift workers who require PCs to accomplish their work tasks do not need a designated computer and provide them with an additional level of complexity and cost. The application of the VDI system will help optimize system performance 24/7, significantly reducing initial investment costs.

Remote Users / Sales / Field Technicians
VDI provides a secure way to allow any time, anywhere, and any device to access consistent, high-performance desktop experiences. In any case, a complete VDI solution allows your remote workforce to work effectively. VDI can even be used in this case to enable BYOD capabilities.

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