The FusionPower series UPS2000-H-(6-10kVA) is an ideal power supply solution for small-sized scenarios based on the online double conversion technology. It can eliminate various power grid problems and support rack or tower installation, with a high efficiency of 96%. Small size, high power density, saving installation space. In addition, no screen design and built-in Wi-Fi for communication with the mobile app, enabling flexible monitoring of the UPS status.


  • Small & medium enterprises, large enterprise branch offices, bank branches and other small data centers
  • Networks, communications systems, automatic control systems
  • Precision instrument and equipment



  • Independent power-on/off button, no screen design, built-in Wi-Fi communication with mobile app, and intelligent features to comprehensively monitor the UPS status and improve intelligent application experience
  • The 6kVA model is 1U high and the 10kVA model is 2U high. High density and save installation space.


  • Efficiency up to 96% at normal model, reduce energy consumption, green and energy-saving
  • In ECO mode, the efficiency reaches 99%, which is economical and reliable.


  • All-link iPower Monitoring, Changing Passive to AI Predictive Maintenance, Implementing Intelligent Maintenance-Free
  • Optional 4G modules support cloud-based management of multiple sites, reducing O&M costs.
  • Supports hybrid use of old and new lithium batteries and phased capacity expansion


  • 5kA lightning protection design, reducing lightning-related failure rate
  • The input power grid adaptability is optimized. The D.G. capacity meets the requirement of 1:1.35.