Pre-Engineered, High Quality Modular Design Offers Quick Deployment and High Scalability

Micro-Module Data Center For Protect Confidential Information

Due to the needs of confidential information in business, the core data, network transmission, and core storage systems of enterprises require to operate safely and reliably. It is also more cautious in selecting data center infrastructure providers.

There are two important indicator requirements for the performance of the new data center: First, it must be stable, reliable, and highly safe; Second, it must meet the standard requirement for energy-saving. USDC Technology has introduced its current mainstream micro-module data center solution to satisfy those needs and solve the challenge of the green data center.

Rapidly Deployable Design Solution for reach Greater Efficiency

Taking into account high-security requirements, monitoring data platform, and the rapid growth of enterprises’ data in the next few years, USDC Technology has provided more reliable and scalable solutions in the design of the data center room infrastructure. The entire data center uses two sets of easy-to-do series micro-modules, including modular UPS, precision air-conditioning, and the data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system. 

All types of equipment are standardized products that comply with the industry’s specifications.

Scale Faster by Unique Validations, Customized Products & Modular Design

1. Scalability: Flexible in resizing and the micro-module design is best fit for the data center room under 10 racks.

2. The cold aisle is closed and isolated, and the airflow does not interfere with each other, avoiding the heat island effect and the loss of air volume and cooling capacity. Compared to the traditional computer room, energy-saving performance is much better.

3. Tier III standards: All designs are N + 1, and meet the Tier III standards.

4. Optimal cooling and power consumption: The PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) level is controlled less than 1.6. The use of inter-row air-conditioning, direct air supply near the heat source, shorter airflow paths, and more precise cooling, which solves the problem of local hot spots.

5. Modular UPS: Adopts series of modular UPS, in case of a power module failure, it can automatically synchronize and automatically switch to the backup module to ensure continuous operation. The hot-swappable function and modules can improve the maintainability of the UPS system.

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