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Data Centers are Vital Components of Retail Operations, Delivering Digital Services and Online Customer Experiences

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Capturing more customer data will benefit both customers and retailers through a 360° customer profile, from increased digital tracking, in-store sensor technology and AI in an interactive customer environment. Digital transformation is evident at a warehouse or distribution center. The supply chain is already highly automated and will only get more advanced. Transportation is well integrated with smart factories, and the technology is already mature.

Smart factories leverage the convergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), cyber-physical systems, and cloud computing to allow manufacturers to use real-time data to increase efficiency, reduce costs and adapt to changes in demand.

Store as a Hybrid Distribution Center

Getting closer to the customer by turning a physical store into a hybrid as a distribution center has been helping meet consumers needs. A connected system is necessary for that to happen as a retailer will need each store to speak to each other to fill their duty to online orders as well as not stocking out in stores by mistake.

To expedite parcel delivery, package delivery companies are experimenting with drones. Along with autonomous flying, their ability to capture data has been enhanced and now includes HD and 4K, 8K videos. As the technology has progressed and become more intelligent, the amount of operational and collected data is increasing exponentially and could be positively impacted by the advances made possible with 5G technology.

Infrastructure Challenges and Opportunities in Retails

Analytics a Competitive Advantage

Retailers who are highly focused on the customer experience are using “big data” for improved analytics, greater customer understanding and customer influence at every point of contact.

Improved security is necessary for these retailers driven by a large amount of customer data required to link technologies to customers. A larger focus on analytics for retailers gives them more time to market for new products, make use of resources more efficient and more accurately anticipate customer needs.

Preparing for Future Scalability

Knowing what the future holds can sometimes be impossible for retailers who are trying to stay ahead of the curve. Finding the right solutions partner is crucial to understanding what products can update into a stronger, more agile data center.

Focusing on the customer experience requires speed and agility across the organization, especially in the application of new technologies. Retailers will turn away from infrastructure that is not easily integrated, scalable or modular, due to the focus on cost, speed of deployment, and future flexibility.

Digital Infrastructure Strategy for Stores

When choosing where to house data, companies are using different strategies for all their needs. The physical retail currently favors the use of in-house facilities, supported by colocation, private/hybrid cloud systems and external hosting. In contrast, logistics operations are mostly supported by distributed data centers.

5G Capabilities – The new Competitive Advantages

5G is important for improved accuracy within locations. Rather than simply knowing a customer spent time at the mall, a retailer could know that a customer passed by a store location and spent time looking at products in the window.

Enabled by 5G, augmented reality will become commonplace in the future.

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