Vietnam – The next Digital Hub of Asia in 2030?


Over the past few years, Vietnam has become a rising star in Southeast Asia. The country has undergone a dramatic economic transformation and has become one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. Under the post-pandemic economy, the country has great potential to take advantage of human resource’s intelligence, digital technology to develop the digital economy to become the region’s leading start-up center and Digital Hub as well. It is expected that Vietnam will form at least one data center to serve the regional and international hub by 2025.

Vietnam will be the Digital Hub of the region by 2030

In the information and communication infrastructure planning during the period 2021 – 2030  from The Ministry of Information and Communications, it is specially mentioned that Vietnam needs to attract multinational technology corporations to build more international data centers in Vietnam. And, as a strategy to 2030, Vietnam will become the Digital Hub of the region.
The Ministry of Information and Communications also clearly states that the technology ecosystem will be formed and developed, making Vietnam a hub for connecting all the digital hubs in the region. Particularly, Vietnam will be a great destination to transfer, connect, store and process data of the region and the world. Currently, Asia has only 03 main Digital Hubs in Singapore, Hongkong, and Japan.

To become the Digital Hub of the region, according to experts, Vietnam needs to meet some certain criteria, such as: geographical location, broadband connection infrastructure, reliability, affordable pricing, system innovation ecology, and supporting start-ups. In addition, Vietnam also has to meet the legal criteria of infrastructure for intellectual property rights and personal data protection; the readiness and potential of Internet economy development; and international cooperation, etc.
In terms of geographical territory, Vietnam has considerable advantages. Specifically, Vietnam has about 27 data centers domestically invested by 11  enterprises with more than 113,120 servers. A total floor space of 173,619 m2 with a total capacity of 15 MW11, following design standards, is serving more than 26,500 customers and has the capacity to store 60,000 TB of data. These data centers are concentrated mainly in big cities such as Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City with significant brand names like VNPT, Viettel IDC, FPT, CMC, USDC Technology. In 2016-2020 period, Vietnam’s data center market has grown at a growth rate of 12.69%, with the scale of 2020 reaching US$ 858 million. In particular, this market size has continuously increased year by year, from more than US$ 532 million in 2016 to more than US$ 653 million in 2018 and more than US$ 728 million in 2019.

Relocate Vietnamese people’s Data to Vietnam

According to the draft plan released by the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Government wants to synchronously build and develop the national data infrastructure, in the spirit of “bringing Vietnamese people’s data to storage in Vietnam”. Furthermore, international, national, regional data centers and edge computing data centers will be formed with the synchronous and unified connection. The Ministry of Information and Communications emphasized that this plan is aimed at the goal of Vietnam becoming a regional and international data storage and processing center. The draft also states that by 2025, about 70% of Data Center services will switch to using cloud computing services. Vietnam will also form 3 to 6 national data centers for data storage, processing, and backup, national databases. Besides, Vietnam also intends to attract multinational technology corporations to invest, at least in a priority international data center located in the financial centers of the country.
The issue of building and perfecting the current digital infrastructure for Vietnam determines the success of the e-Government, the digital economy. In other words, whether Vietnam wants to catch up with the 4.0 train or not, the prerequisite to becoming a digital hub is digital infrastructure.
The ambition to become a regional Digital Hub will play an important role in helping Vietnam enhance its national position and economy, especially in the era of the digital economy and the industrial revolution 4.0. grow as strong as it is today. USDC Technology, with our vision to become a leading company in data center services, will also contribute our ceaseless effort to helping Vietnam to become a Digital Hub of the region in the near future.


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