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Have you ever wondered how the giant technology enterprises like Google, Amazon, IBM, Huawei Cloud,… continue to develop new applications by the minute for billions of users and run them with rarely any downtime? Or how they far outpace the competition? The answer typically lies in Hyperscale Data Centers. Let’s uncover some interesting facts about the term “Hyperscale”.

What is Hyperscale Technology?
Conventional enterprise data centers refer to spaces or buildings that house business IT infrastructure: equipment and servers. Companies typically use these resources to run their own operations, and can also lease them to other entities. However, hyperscale data centers easily dwarf them in performance, capacity and scalability.

Hyperscale, in technology, refers to the complete mix of hardware and facilities that can scale a distributed computing environment up to thousands of servers. As its name implies, hyperscale is all about achieving massive scale in computing—typically for big data or cloud computing. Hyperscale infrastructure is designed for both horizontal & vertical scalability and leads to high levels of performance, and redundancy to enable fault tolerance and high availability. Hyperscale computing often relies on massively scalable server architectures and virtual networking.

How does it work?
Fundamentally, Hyperscale computing works by networking servers horizontally, enabling them to quickly and simply be added or removed as capacity demands increase and decrease. A load balancer manages this process by monitoring the amount of data that needs to be processed, handling requests, and distributing resources to the capacities available. The load balancer continuously checks servers’ workload with the data volumes that need to be processed and adds additional servers as required.
Hyperscale computing abandons the high-grade constructs typically seen in conventional computing systems. Instead, it favors stripped-down designs that look to maximize the effectiveness of hardware, which is more cost-effective and enables greater investment in software requirements.

What are Hyperscale Data Center’s benefits?

With all of the complexity of magnitude and computing that an Hyperscale Data Center entails, it offers attractive solutions for large enterprises. Most of these resolve challenges that come with storing information in bulk. Here are various ways Hyperscale Data Centers benefit the client businesses.

  • Balanced workloads: Hyperscale data centers effectively distribute workload across multiple servers to avoid overheating a single server. This is important because an overheated server can also damage nearby servers setting up an unwanted chain reaction.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Although hyperscale data centers consume huge amounts of energy, overall they are more energy efficient. They also allow tenants to rent space in kilowatts which is more effective than renting space in racks or square footage. Hyperscale Data Centers do this because they use a set number of kilowatts while allocating power.
  • Cooling Efficiency: Cooling can be the single most significant operational expense for most businesses. With hyperscale, companies can effectively reduce the cooling cost and focus their energies on the servers that perform much of the high-intensity computing work. A hyperscale facility will provide the necessary cooling by recycling the heat that flows only in one direction.

Why need to choose a Hyperscale data center provider?

Where previous cloud installations may be limited by the size of specific servers or portions of servers that are available, top hyperscale companies put a greater emphasis on efficient performance to deliver to customer demands. Form factors are all designed to work together effectively through both horizontal and vertical scaling to add machines as well as extend the power of machines already in service.
USDC Technology – as one of the most significant key players in the Vietnam Data Center market, also keeps on the right track with our strategic plan to enthusiastically leverage capability in enhancing customers’ technology experience. Let’s wait and see how amazing our services could do!
About USDC Technology
Universal Smart Data Center Technology was established by people with a broad vision of Information and Communication Technology. They are a professional and leading company in technology construction for Smart Data Center services in Vietnam and the region. Its commitment to taking total ownership of projects has resulted in an enviable client portfolio, featuring some of the most renowned brands. Its mission is to deliver society the most optimal products and services by applying the latest technologies.
USDC Technology Data Center
Launched 11/2020, USDC Technology Data Center was built on class Tier III. Located in Sai Gon Hitech Park, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (so-called Vietnam’s Silicon Valley). The data center is available in connection with all large networks, located in a strategic site to cover the East of Ho Chi Minh city. Our world-class data centers provide full-scale services. At USDC Technology, nothing is of greater importance to us than keeping your applications online and your data secure.
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Universal Smart Data Center Technology
Phone: (+84) 28 73080708
Email: info@usdc.vn



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