[Success Case] The Top ISP & VoD/OTT Operator in Vietnam Selected USDC Technology for Data Center Migration


Due to its swift expansion, a major ISP & VoD/OTT Operator in Vietnam – Saigontourist Cable Television Company (SCTV) encountered capacity limitations at its main data center. To prevent hindering its potential for future growth, SCTV necessitated a plan and an IT framework that could support expansion and scalability in the long run. USDC Technology received a request to suggest the systems to be included in the scope and assess the amount of work needed to transfer non-redundant production systems to the new data center, with the goal of creating a more stable environment and improving disaster recovery capabilities.

Before Data Center Migration

SCTV’s data center portfolio was a complex network of sites with hundreds of servers, appliances, and applications supporting ISP and VoD/OTT operations across Vietnam and globally. With outdated legacy infrastructure, our client was rapidly approaching capacity limitations with regard to space, power, and network bandwidth. As the business services hundreds of thousands of customers 24/7, any disruption to operations was not tolerable.

Upon engaging USDC Technology, our client embarked on a collaborative effort to develop a data center transformation and migration strategy. With a project of this size and scale, it was crucial for IT and business stakeholders to be aligned on the same page in terms of business and technology goals.

Every part of the business organization and IT operations participated in the process to understand the impact, concerns, and opportunities. Consistent communication was crucial for the leadership team, and stakeholders were kept informed throughout the program to mitigate concerns.

Our Migration Approach

On February 21, the required information was received regarding the transfer of equipment to a new data center. On February 22, a survey was conducted to prepare for the move. From February 23~24, statistics were gathered, equipment was labeled, internal connections were assessed, and the uplink was configured. From February 25~27, the migration was carried out according to plan.new

This data center migration involved moving an old data center to the new one, installing new racks, servers and core switches, turning off the power for each rack server to minimize service impact, and reinstalling equipment while connecting internal and uplink according to the original status and plan. During this time, fiber optic cables, signal cables, and power cables were organized for safety and aesthetics. 

A device inspection report was created before and after the migration to monitor equipment status. An acceptance test and handover were completed at the end of each day to monitor progress and workload allocation. The overall activity plan was completed on schedule, along with accompanying fiber optic cables, copper cables, and power cables, were confirmed to be operating well after the move.

Results After Migration

The migration of all production workloads from the old data center to the new data center was a success, resulting in faster delivery of IT services to the lines of business. Moreover, the client was able to reduce future IT capital costs by standardizing compute and storage platforms, maximizing the utilization of virtualization technologies and adopting a rigorous and aggressive approach to investing in new technologies to replace outdated infrastructure.

After migrating to the new data center, all the server systems got a good arrangement plan, and network cable adjustment, ensuring safe operation of the data center, and more convenient operation management.

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