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The rapid acceleration of the digital economy has made digital work and education the new normal for every organization and individual. As enterprises continue to reopen their doors to employees, those responsible for digital workplace initiatives are wondering if they are prepared to support the new needs of a hybrid workforce. From flexibility to productivity to employee satisfaction to accountability, leaders must solve hundreds of puzzles to make their workplaces suitable for the digital workforce. Why don’t let Huawei IdeaHub mitigate your burdens? Here are some highlighted features that you may need to bring along:

  1. Elegant Simplicity
    A sleek, contemporary, user-centric design. A slender, minimalist stand. HUAWEI IdeaHub effortlessly integrates into any space.
  2. Say Goodbye to Cables
    Have you ever encountered a situation in which the projector’s cable is not matched with your laptop? The answer may definitely be yes. Huawei IdeaHub products combined 4K and H.265 technologies deliver a crisp, clear, smooth experience. Simply tap to share what’s on your laptop or phone. On-screen real-time page turning and annotation make truly flexible collaboration simply effortless.
  3. Stay connected from anywhere via the superb Interactive Whiteboard
    It sometimes causes annoyance when you join a meeting online while your teammates are discussing and writing on the traditional whiteboard. The only thing you can do is just wait for someone to recap what they wrote on the whiteboard. With the Superb Interactive Whiteboard, everyone who joins the meeting offline or online altogether can easily directly interact without any obstacles. Furthermore, with just a single tap, send whiteboard content and fresh ideas flying from the hub to remote sites. Real-time collaboration becomes a real-world reality.

  4. Exhilarating digital meeting experience with Crystal Clear – The Center of Attention – Virtually face to face
    Huawei has always gained a good reputation in the market for their enhancement of user experiences. You will fully enjoy the meeting with the cutting-edge technologies as follows:

    • An array of 12 microphones uses beamforming technology to pick-up human voices over an 8 m radius. Wider frequency for transfers ensures crystal clear, Hi-Fi audio at every remote site.
    • With fast, accurate tracking, the speaker is always the center of attention. AutoFrame automatically adjusts the camera angle based on the conference room and the number of participants. Enjoy an optimal panoramic view, whenever, wherever.

Video conferencing is conducted in crisp, full 1080p HD, with 4K content sharing. The flexible layout automatically switches between site views depending on who’s speaking. Enjoy a smooth, natural experience every time.
Available in 65” and 86”, HUAWEI IdeaHub Board is suitable for both floor and wall mount, and it can be flexibly deployed in classrooms and offices. If you want to digitalize your workspace, just take it yours. Contact us, then we will help you to make it come true.

About USDC Technology
Universal Smart Data Center Technology was established by people with a broad vision of Information and Communication Technology. They are a professional and leading company in technology construction for Smart Data Center services in Vietnam and the region. Its commitment to taking total ownership of projects has resulted in an enviable client portfolio, featuring some of the most renowned brands. Its mission is to deliver society the most optimal products and services by applying the latest technologies.
USDC Technology Data Center
Launched 11/2020, USDC Technology Data Center was built on class Tier III. Located in Sai Gon Hitech Park, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (so-called Vietnam’s Silicon Valley). The data center is the available in connection with all large networks, located in a strategic site to cover the East of Ho Chi Minh city. Our world-class data centers provide full-scale services. At USDC Technology, nothing is of greater importance to us than keeping your applications online and your data secure.
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