Datacenter and Cloud Convention Recap 2023 with USDC Technology


The Vietnam Cloud and Data Center Convention 2023 (Ha Noi) has come to a close, but the energy and fervor of Vietnamese enterprises on their journey towards global prominence remain undiminished.
USDC Technology is thrilled to have been an active participant in this year’s convention- a platform for forging connections, dispelling doubts, and unveiling our revolutionary” Edge Center model” with our prestigious partner Huawei. 

Vietnam Cloud and data center convention 2023 with USDC Technology
Vietnam Cloud and data center convention 2023 with USDC Technology

But, hold on. This article isn’t merely about so-called post-event summary!

Instead, this post will provide you a list of questions that our team received most frequently revolve around the trends in data centers and cloud solutions during the Vietnam Cloud and data center Convention.

Specifically, attendees are curious about which methods are most beneficial for their unique business models in various industries. Performance, Operations, and Cost-efficiency are the top concerns, accounting for up to 80% of the conversations we’ve had.

Most frequently asked questions for data center solutions
Most frequently asked questions for data center solutions

What makes both Huawei and USDC Technology beam with pride is our contribution to quenching the thirst for knowledge, especially in answering those burning “comparison” questions across diverse sectors: education, banking and finance, healthcare, and gaming in the era of transformation where being smart is the key requirement.


We believe these questions also pique your interest, so don’t miss out on the insights:

5 most frequently asked questions about Data center and Cloud solution

Most frequently asked questions
Most frequently asked questions by C-suite across diverse sectors: Education, Banking and Finance, Healthcare, and Gaming 
  1. What are the benefits of transitioning to a cloud solution for delivering online learning services and managing education? 

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  2. How can we ensure stable performance and scalability of the cloud system when the number of students and users increases during peak learning times?

    Most frequently asked questions of data center solution
    Product Manager of Huawei – Asia Pacific Region, answering attendees’s concerns

    Answer: To ensure stable performance and scalability during peak learning periods with a high influx of students and users, we need to consider implementing load balancing, auto-scaling, and efficient resource allocation in our cloud system. This enables seamless access to educational resources and a consistent user experience
    (Product Manager of Huawei – Asia Pacific Region)

  3. What specific technical challenges exist when integrating financial systems with a cloud solution, particularly when dealing with sensitive data and demanding high-security measures?

    USDC Technology expert in discussion with business owners
    Mr.Hien – A USDC Technology expert in discussion with business owners

    Answer: Integrating financial systems with a cloud solution presents specific technical challenges, particularly concerning the handling of sensitive data and the stringent security measures required. To address these challenges, we might look at employing advanced encryption, access controls, and compliance monitoring to safeguard financial data.

  4. How can the utilization of data center or cloud solutions help mitigate costs within the healthcare supply chain, encompassing patient information management and interactions with health insurance providers?Answer:The utilization of data center and cloud solutions in the healthcare supply chain offers substantial cost mitigation benefits. By centralizing and optimizing data management, we streamline patient information management and facilitate smoother interactions with health insurance providers, ultimately reducing administrative expenses.
  5. Which solutions within the domain of data center and cloud computing enable the reduction of time and resources expended in processing patient information, subsequently enhancing the speed of diagnosis and medical treatment?
    Huawei representing solution for healthcare

    Answer: Within the realm of data center and cloud computing, solutions such as advanced data analytics and optimized data processing pipelines significantly reduce the time and resources needed for processing patient information. This enhancement leads to faster diagnosis and more efficient medical treatment, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

    Conclusion: Vietnam Cloud and Data Center Convention 2023 has left with a trail of insights, connections, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. This event has been more than a convention; it’s been a testament to the unceasing ambition of Vietnamese businesses to reach global heights.

    At USDC Technology, we provide top-notch data center and cloud solutions, along with the latest industry insights, to supercharge your business.

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