Huawei Campus OptiX Solution

Campuses Are Embracing All-Optical Networks

Campuses Are Embracing All-Optical Networks

Huawei Campus OptiX Network Solution adopts cutting-edge technologies – such as: Passive Optical Network (PON) access, a simplified PON architecture, multi-service transmission, passive long-haul transmission, and converged Ethernet – to tackle the ever-growing requirements of a modern campus. The solution delivers high bandwidth and low latency, improves Operations and Maintenance (O&M) efficiency, supports future evolution, and protects existing investments for enterprises in the education, hotel, transportation, airport and healthcare sectors.

Application Scenarios

University Campus

Huawei Campus OptiX Network Solution provides optical LANs for campuses. The optical LAN is passive and reliable, and has a smaller footprint and is more energy efficient.

Hotel Campus

Huawei Campus OptiX Network solution not only provide better internet for guests, but also support the access of hotel systems, such as surveillance, office, and intelligent systems.

Airport Campus

Huawei Campus OptiX Network Solution provides airports with reliable full-fiber networks to connect video devices, offices, and flight information display systems (FIDSs), and commercial buildings, accelerating the digital transformation of airports.

Healthcare Campus

Solution builds all-optical LANs to provide gigabit access in various healthcare scenarios. The solution features environmental protection, high reliability and security, fast deployment, and efficient O&M, ensuring the development of healthcare services.

A New Option for Campus Networks

Ultra-Broadband Core

High bandwidth and scalability
• 100G high-density campus switch, delivering forwarding performance six times the industry average
• Smooth evolution from NG-PON to 10 or 50 Gbit/s
• No Optical Distribution Network (ODN) change necessary, protecting existing investments

Simplified architecture
• Network architecture reduced to just two layers
• Integration of Ethernet and PON

Energy Efficiency

Effective medium
40 km long-distance coverage, immune against Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and corrosion, future-proofed for 30 years

Passive devices replace active devices, reducing power consumption by 30% and equipment and cabling footprints by 50

Converged O&M

Unified management
• Unified management of Access Points (APs), firewalls, Optical Line Terminal (OLTs), and more
• Plug and play, with zero configuration necessary

Intelligent O&M
• Multi-purpose network with automatic deployment
• E2E user experience visibility
• Proactive prediction of optical module faults

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