Digital Transformation in the Classroom

Today’s Modern Classrooms Harness Technology to Aid and Equip Students with the Knowhow to Support Their Daily Lives

More Interactive Learning Experience

Virtual reality, Augmented Reality and Makerspace in the classroom are redefining how students’ learning experience, becoming more interactive and personal.

Mobile learning, or “learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices,” also allows students from different locations to attend classes remotely via virtual classrooms. This poses a challenge to the traditional bricks and mortar educational approach and is driving institutions to innovate to thrive.

The Future of Adaptive Learning and Data Security

Big data and intelligence to drive personalized education for students. Courses are tailored according to the personal needs and requirements of each student.

As more personal student information is stored online, data security and protection become imperative. As technology becomes key for students’ future success, IT education becomes integral

Infrastructure Challenges and Opportunities in Education

Manage Distributed Infrastructure

A typical campus would have multiple buildings – all connected to the same network. Typically, an IT manager would be responsible for managing the entire campus network.

As IT is not the main business of educational institutions, normally there is only a small IT team. Faced with this challenge, the IT manager manager would need visibility, access, control and management of all of the IT assets spread throughout the campus…all from his office.

Data Protection and Security!

IT managers must ensure that sensitive student data and information are protected against cyber attacks and other threats.

The school’s IT assets must be protected in its entirety, from hardware to software.

On the data center level, assets must be protected through centralized monitoring for insight, security and ease of management.

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