Take your runtime requirements from minutes to days

Easily Integrates Into Infrastructure Architecture

The standby power generation product package extends runtimes and enhances data center availability by pairing a reliable, high-performance, emissions-compliant diesel generator with an automatic transfer switch that seamlessly transitions the load from mains utility power to generator power in the event of a lengthy power failure. 

A real-time runtime calculator provides up-to-date runtime estimates using fuel level and load data measurements, and predictive failure analysis alerts users when preventive maintenance is required. Unlike standard extended runtime options, you can monitor and manage the system’s ability to operate even when the components are turned off.

Expertise for Safe, Efficient, and Reliable Operation

A reliable protection and controls system is paramount to avoiding power disruptions, preventing costly damage to critical assets and ensuring the safety of personnel. We provide the expertise to leverage the most advanced protection and control systems while keeping pace with changing technology and regulatory requirements for critical power generation and delivery infrastructure.

Our engineers provide the data and expertise to support system analysis and planning, diagnose problems quickly and design innovative solutions to optimize electrical system performance, safety, capacity and reliability.


Traditional data centers don’t deliver in today’s digital world ANYMORE. Transforming to modular-based data center facilities will help your service delivery, not only from your core data centers but also at the edge and for your distributed IT, or flexibly transform it into a DR Site with the lowest investment. You can achieve higher levels of flexibility, cost containment, and a more agile data center footprint for your on-premises service delivery model.

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