[Success Case] EC51 Ho Chi Minh City – The Future-proofing the Edge Data Center Industry


We would like to thank our partner USDC Technology for their amazing work and continued support to ensure we opened on schedule. We have had amazing support within Vietnam and look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with the country and our customers here.”  —  Jonathan Eaves – Founder & CEO of Edge Centres

Project Overview

Edge Centres is creating the next generation of the edge data center industry. Across APAC, North America and beyond, they’re building a global platform of highly modular, highly sustainable Edge Pods capable of bringing ultra-low-latency connectivity and compute resources. While traditionally focused on Australia, the company recently announced plans to expand into Asia including MalaysiaHong KongVietnam, and Thailand. 

EC51 in Ho Chi Minh city is not only the FIRST outside modular data center but also the FIRST data center in Vietnam that will use solar energy. EC51 will be connected to 6 telecommunications service providers with a dedicated capacity of 1MW in addition to 250kW of solar and batteries.


The new digital economy is the forefront of Vietnam’s new growth strategy, with the country’s growth strategy expected to create massive waves of digitalization throughout the public and private sectors over the coming decade. Alongside increased digitalization, international data center operators and hyperscalers will enter the market.


In middle of 2022, Edge Centres announced its first off-grid data center in Vietnam as their plan in continues its remarkable growth across Asia to deliver the EDGE. However, there is no local contractor has experience in deploying the outdoor modular and solar-powered data center in Vietnam which caused Edge Centres months searching with no results.

In September, 2022, Mr. Nguyen Chi Ha Hai, CEO of USDC Technology had the first meeting with Mr. Jonathan Eaves, Founder & CEO of Edge Centres and understand the challenges:

  • Time limitation – Edge Centres expected its project finish in 2022 by their original plan. This meant there has only 3 months for project execution.
  • The site is located inside the university campus, the contractor has to follow the restricted university regulations for construction.
  • The contractor has to handle full work tasks locally.
  • High quality expectation as a must.

During the first site visit, it was shocked since the construction area is full of weeds with high level of landslide. This will create the huge civil workloads, especially the land leveling and embarkment.


Understand the challenges, USDC Technology assigned its full resources to start the project implementation right after signing the contract with Edge Centres on September 29, 2022.

We work closely with Edge Centres to define the project timelines, scope of works and phases. The full project was agilely divided to different packages – Civil & fencing, Fiber & networking, MEP installation, Generators… which can be executed independently.


We understand this project is not only for Edge Centres, but also to guarantee our qualities of data construction services where we faced many challenges which have to handle in the manner of time limitation. Thanks to great collaboration from Edge Centres, from VNU and our hard-working teams, we successfully finish the project in 2+ months, satisfy the schedule & quality requirements.

On December 09, 2022, Edge Centres announced its first location in Vietnam. EC51 in Ho Chi Minh City provide its first point of presence in Vietnam’s dynamic, rapidly-expanding digital economy.


Do you want a tour? – Reach out to Edge Centres at www.edgecentres.com

If you have the plan to run/build a data center business in Vietnam and/or searching for a trusted data center contractor – reach out to us at www.usdc.vn

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