A shocking contrast in the deployment of edge computing is underscored in a new report


Mobile Experts Inc. has curated a database encompassing extensive information on Commercial Edge Data Centers. Their analysis provides insights into the technical architecture, cost factors, business models, and projected deployment of Edge Computing services. The report reveals a staggering count of 5,700 Commercial Edge data centers within China and 561 outside of China.

The latest report from Mobile Experts draws attention to the significant disparities between the Chinese and Western edge computing models. In China, all enterprise edge computing is managed by mobile telecom operators, whereas in the Western model, individual enterprises typically procure their own edge clouds independently of telecom carriers. The report emphasizes the substantial differences between these two approaches.

The report contains a detailed projection for the next five years regarding the implementation of Edge technology. It provides a comprehensive analysis of data center deployment and service revenues across various applications such as CDNs, cloud gaming, manufacturing, automotive, smart venues, and drones. Furthermore, the report dissects the business models of edge cloud services to demonstrate the potential revenue streams associated with computing, connectivity, and physical site hosting.

Commercial Edge Computing service revenue broken down by vertical market in 2027

While substantial investments have been made in China, Mobile Experts forecasts that Edge Computing platforms will experience more successful development in the Western market. This prediction is attributed to the Western market’s flexible, which allows for quicker adaptation and innovation. Hyperscale cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP possess a significant advantage in terms of developer ecosystem. Mobile Experts outlines a roadmap illustrating how developers will tackle automation challenges in industrial use cases, which will drive long-term growth in the industry.

Joe Madden, Chief Analyst at Mobile Experts, noted that in Western markets, enterprises prioritize data control over factors like latency or capital cost. Unlike China, where state-owned telecommunications companies monopolize the edge cloud, in the West, individual enterprises typically have control over the edge cloud for industrial applications. However, the model differs in verticals such as video streaming, gaming, and logistics applications. Mobile Experts’ report highlights the specific vertical markets that will offer early opportunities for Commercial Edge Computing.

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