FusionModule 800


FusionModule800 is a new-generation small modular data center solution. Which integrates power distribution, UPS, monitoring, cooling, cabinet, and fire extinguishing systems (optional) in one cabinet, it can greatly reduce data center footprint. The core components of the FusionModule800 are preinstalled and precommissioned before delivery, enabling rapid deployment of the data center. In addition, with Huawei‘s edge data center management system, it can realize unified management of multiple sites and significantly improve the O&M efficiency.


Finance, Education, Healthcare, Public Security, SMEs, Retailing & Merchandising, Edge DC, etc.

Smart Modular DC


  • All components are prefabricated in factories. only need to be combined onsite, hardware are installed in 4 hours, 2 days business online
  • Fire fighting module inside*, no need reconstruction
  • Real-time monitoring of mobile apps, centralized monitoring of multiple sites*


  • High integrated design + lithium battery, saving 2 to 3 cabinets footprint.
  • Cold and hot aisle containment, saving energy and reducing noise.


  • Facial recognition, password-free login, and key-free door opening
  • Intelligent O&M, unified management of multiple data centers*
  • Smart meter inside, supporting power statistics and PUE display*


  • Reliable dehumidification at low load to avoid condensation in the data center
  • Highly stable LFP battery cell, no fire risk and more reliable
  • Automatic door opening prevents overheating