FusionModule 2000


Huawei FusionModule2000 is a new generation smart modular data center solution, which dedicated to providing customers with simple, efficient, and reliable data center solutions.

It’s a modular-designed, highly integrated solution which comprises power supply, cooling, rack & structure, cabling and management system within a module, meeting the requirements for quick delivery and on-demand deployment.

Furthermore, the Huawei smart module uses the i3 intelligent management to comprehensively improve the reliability and efficiency of power supply and cooling system. This significantly improves data center availability and O&M efficiency.


The FusionModule2000 uses an air-cooled cooling system and is mainly applicable to small- and medium-sized data centers. The solution features simple design and high building adaptability, lowering the requirements of room height and reconstruction. It meets the data center deployment requirements of various sectors such as enterprise headquarters and large branches, bank headquarters and secondary branches, governments, carriers, education, and healthcare.

Smart Modular DC


  • Modular design, one module one DC, on-demand deployment and flexible expansion


  • iCooling intelligent optimization*, reducing the energy consumption of cooling system by 8% to 15%
  • SmartLi Inside* supports Huawei smart lithium batteries deployed in the module. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, footprint is reduced by 70% under the same load and same backup time
  • Wet film humidification*: Compared with traditional electrode humidifiers, wet film humidifiers reduce energy consumption by 95%
  • Industry’s first air-cooled smart modular DC PUE test and certification, the annual average PUE is as low as 1.111 @Beijing


  • iManager: Space, Power, Cooling (SPC) visualization, automatic asset management simplified O&M
  • 3D view* clear display of key information and alarms about power distribution and cooling system, automatic management of assets*, automatic asset tracking, and no manual counting
  • Local 43-inch smart screen * intuitive display of intelligent features, simplifying O&M


  • iPower: Visualization of power supply chain, fault auto-locating and auto shutdown for proactive protection
  • SmartLi Inside* :Three-layer BMS ensure the reliability of lithium batteries
  • Innovative intelligent refrigerant leakage detection prevents cooling capacity decrease or air conditioner breakdown