A Full-stack Cloud Solution Designed for Enterprise–level Customers that Require a Highly Capable and Flexible Hybrid Cloud Solution

About Alibaba Cloud Apsara Stack

Alibaba Cloud Apsara Stack is a full-stack cloud solution designed for enterprise–level customers that require a highly capable and flexible hybrid cloud solution. Apsara Stack uses the proprietary Apsara Distributed Operating System developed in house at Alibaba Cloud, which offers a highly reliable cloud environment to ensure your business continuity.

Apsara Stack is developed based on the same distributed architecture as Alibaba Cloud public cloud. Enterprises customers can deploy public cloud products and services in on-premises environments, expand capabilities to the public cloud with ease, and enjoy hybrid cloud services anytime and anywhere.

The Advantages of Alibaba Cloud ZStack

Apsara Stack supports hyper-scale clusters that have more than 10,000 servers in each region, meeting the requirement of operating large business systems and applications to support large numbers of users. With Apsara Stack, you can efficiently operate and manage resources, applications, and data through its unified management portal with multi-tenancy support.

Apsara Stack includes a wide range of cloud services, including several computing and networking services, as well as data analysis and security solutions based on the same technologies that supports Alibaba Cloud. Apsara Stack can be deployed in a hybrid or private cloud environment.


Apsara Stack provides AI platforms and state-of-the-art machine learning frameworks and supports elastic GPU compute services, making Apsara Stack an ideal candidate for the development of smart applications. Apsara Stack also provides a full suite of data mining, analysis and data visualization tools so that sensitive data can generate business value without leaving your data center.
Apsara Stack employs a multi-layered security architecture and uses disaster recovery mechanisms developed in house at Alibaba that ensure the high availability of your services and compliance with international information safety standards.

About Our Strategic Partnership

“This collaboration is a significant milestone for USDC Technology in our effort to accelerate Digital Transformation initiatives by introducing a trusted cloud service provider. Through our partnership, we can identify key areas that organizations can optimize through a comprehensive assessment service and then implement the right cloud infrastructure, networking and security solutions to support their IT requirements.” 

– Hai Nguyen – CEO of USDC Technology

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