USDC Technology Announces Its New Strategic Cooperation with VIoT


Ho Chi Minh, October 15, 2021 — Universal Smart Data Center Technology (abbreviated USDC Technology) and VIoT Technology Joint Stock Company (abbreviated VIoT) signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

The cooperation created a new milestone between two companies after the process of researching, market opportunities assessment and agreement on a development cooperation program. On the accumulated technology and an understanding of customers’ “pains” in using the old technologies; two companies will together provide new ways to solve many difficult problems on the journey of digital transformation.

VIoT is a Technology company with a team of experienced experts in the field of Telecommunications and Internet of Things (IoT) with the goal of realizing the potential and exploring the IoT market in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Specifically, VIoT focuses on developing 4 platforms: CLP – A IoT wireless connection platform for Smart Lighting Management and Sensor Network to serve Smart Cities and Smart Industrial Parks; DigiSign – Centralized management of digital content to each screen; GUARDIAN – Central solution for intelligent operation & automatic incident response; X-vision – Centralized camera surveillance platform integrated with artificial intelligence. VIoT solutions have been confirmed through international competitions. Operating on the principle of “Pioneer – Professionalism – Innovation”, VIoT carries with it’s missions to become a leading enterprise in the field of developing applications that create the foundation for smart city infrastructure, effective management environment and improve quality of life.

Universal Smart Data Center Technology (USDC Technology) was founded by a group of engineers with many years experiences in Information and Communication Technology. USDC is a professional and leading company in the field of consults and services for Data Centers in Vietnam and the region. Specifically, USDC focuses on 4 core areas: 1. Data Center Contractor – Data center construction and consulting services; 2. Data Center as a Service – Data Center Service; 3. Cloud-based Solutions – Cloud computing solutions; 4. ICT Solutions & Services – IT Services. USDC Technology is an enterprise that always adheres to the principle of “Customers First – Innovation First – Collaboration First”, with the mission to bring to society the best products and services by applying new technologies and solutions. Best.

Based on the strengths from each party, this strategic cooperation is expected to bring remarkable steps on the market for both VIoT and USDC. In particular, USDC will integrate VIoT applications on the intelligent Data Center platform to provide based on its customer needs. At the same time, VIoT has the opportunity to provide a full solution package for customers including USDC’s smart technology infrastructure services, bringing more peace of mind, trust and convenience to customers.

Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Nguyen Bach Viet, Founder and Director of VIoT Company said, “It’s our pleasure the become USDC’s partner, my impressions are not only in their vision but also in their way of thinking and approach to customers. Partnering with USDC adds an important part that customers always ask us in the process in providing services. USDC’s solution is extremely suitable for the customers’ requirement at a very reasonable price.”

Mr. Nguyen Chi Ha Hai, Director of USDC Technology emphasized, “Both companies have a business philosophy associated with bringing value to customers. The cooperation with VIoT is our strategic, in order to complement each other to quickly complete and expand the market, as well as contribute to further success in the future. Together with VIoT, we are confident to bring the most optimal solutions, tailored to the needs of customers, contributing to the needs of digital transformation and IoT infrastructure in Vietnam.

Contact Information:

Universal Smart Data Center Technology Joint Stock Company
Mr. James Tran – Managing Partner
Phone: (+84) 28 73080708

VIoT Technology Joint Stock Company
Mr. Tran Duy Khiem – Marketing Director
Phone: (+84) 913355331

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