Vietnam Cloud & Datacenter Convention (Ho Chi Minh) 2022

Date: Thursday, 16 June 2022, 8am – 5pm (GMT +7)


Location: Hotel Nikko Saigon

There are many factors contributing to Vietnam’s digital ascendancy. The dynamic startup scene in Vietnam is key to the nation’s accelerated Cloud and Datacenter growth. Coupled with the central government’s focus on 5G and data localization laws, the industry stands to undergo massive growth from private and public sectors. The latter’s effect was in some part, stemmed due to Indonesia’s example in enacting and adjusting data sovereignty laws, allowing for a working roadmap in dealing with national security measures. The focus towards developing an infrastructure centered on self-sufficiency via Viettel and the 5G roll-out has become a  standard-bearer for all tech companies in Vietnam.
Vietnam’s population demographics skew young: 70% the population is under 35 years of age. This sector is particularly the expansion of cloud computing service delivery models. Ho Chi Minh, in particular, boasts a high concentration of start-ups, making it an extremely lucrative market. The city has made a name for itself as a new entrant to Southeast Asia’s many digital hubs, ready to challenge the status quo with its reliance on self-sufficiency should be explored for the vast opportunities it offers. Considering the immense reverberations Vietnam sent out to Southeast Asia and beyond with its careful selection of 5G network partners, Cybersecurity as a holistic framework becomes pertinent. Vietnam Cloud & Datacenter Convention (Ho Chi Minh) (VNCDC) will feature precisely the industry’s pressing concerns.
In this prestigious event, USDC along with Huawei will bring in the impressive demonstration of Fusion Module 800 (FM800) & Fusion Module 500 (FM500), which can be deployed to solve the problem of low integration of main equipment in the equipment room, independent components, large area of equipment room, high rent, and standardized construction of branches in batches.
Momentous pictures and useful sharing of the convention will be updated in the upcoming news from USDC.
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