Vietnam Cloud & Datacenter Convention (Ho Chi Minh) 2022 – Highlights

[Hotel Nikko saigon, Thursday 16/06/2022] Vietnam Cloud & Datacenter Convention (Ho Chi Minh) 2022 was successfully organized with remarkable highlights: 800 Participants; 25 Speakers & 15 Sponsors.
As a strategic partner, USDC did closely collaborate with Huawei team from the early stage in preparation, delivery, and installation to bring in the most impressive exhibition space at this event.

Vietnam Cloud & Datacenter Convention (Ho Chi Minh) 2022 precisely targeted on the industry’s pressing concerns with the drastic development of data centers and cloud computing in Vietnam. The dynamic startup scenarios and 70% of the population under 35 in Vietnam are keys to this rapid growth. Along with the government’s efforts on 5G development and data sovereignty legislation, the industry will experience a dramatic evolution from the public to private sectors.

With a desire to become companions with Vietnam’s enterprises, Huawei and USDC not only presented an extraordinary exhibition but also an attractive topic “Huawei Data Center Full-stack Solution – Your Best Partner in Carbon Neutral Movement” via the presentation from Head of Data Center Facility Huawei. – Ms. Pham Nguyen Xuan Quynh 

Ms. Pham Nguyen Xuan Quynh – Head of Data Center Facility – Sales Director, Huawei

Huawei is currently leading the market with more than 830 data centers worldwide, covering various lines of business from telecommunications to government, finance, transportation, and more. Huawei Data Center Facility is the next-generation low-carbon smart data center, which was launched globally by Huawei at the end of 05/2022. With this new solution, Huawei recently won the “Data Center Vendor of the Year” award for the third year in a row at the DCS Awards 2022 (DCS Awards 2022).

Huawei Data Center Facility is a data center full-stack solution with 4 levels: data center infrastructure, hardware platform, cloud platform, and business application. Huawei’s concepts are to gradually transform: Construction becomes Product; Product becomes Module; Module becomes Smart with artificial intelligence and cloud platform.

Huawei’s Smart Modular Solution is vastly improved compared to traditional solutions, the model of 100 cabinets, 6 kW/cabinet will save 75% of handover time and 30% of energy consumption – equivalent to 20,000 USD of electricity per year (based on the electricity price of USD 0.115 per kWh), flexible installation in any space, as well as 35% improvement in operation and maintenance efficiency. Meanwhile, a prefabricated (prefabricated) modular solution of 500 cabinets, 6 kW/cabinet will save 17% of energy – or $380,000 in electricity costs per year (based on electricity prices of $0.115 per kWh). , the recovery rate is increased to 50%, reducing operating and maintenance costs by $80,000 per year.

Huawei Data Center Facility is also integrated, simplified from architecture to power supply and cooling system, demonstrating the growing trend of the data center facility. Specifically, a 1000-rack data center using prefabricated (prefabricated) modules will reduce construction time from 18 months to 6-9 months. The intelligent power supply shortens the handover time from 02 months to 02 weeks. Meanwhile, the simplified cooling system optimizes heat exchange efficiency.

Huawei Data Center Facility is one of Huawei’s significant achievements in prioritizing Research and Development (R&D). Every year, the group spends 10-15% of their revenue on R&D. Huawei’s investment value in R&D in 2011 reached 3.6 billion USD, by 2021 it has exceeded 22 billion USD. Huawei currently has more than 6,000 researchers working in 12 Huawei R&D centers globally, innovating solutions and reserving over 1,300 inventions. With the research investment in this field, Huawei has obtained 3 certificates for data center experts (ATS – Accredited Tier Specialist) and 44 certificates for data center design (ATD – Accredited Tier). Designer). In addition, as a founding member of the Uptime APAC network, Huawei maintains a strong relationship with the Uptime Institute to continue researching and launching new data center solutions in the future.

“In pursuing next-generation data center research, Huawei constantly innovates technology to ensure sustainable development. In the future, Huawei will continue to create breakthroughs in products and technology via continuous investment in R&D, as well as extensive cooperation with customers, partner ecosystems and industry organizations. With Huawei Data Center Facility, together, we can usher out a new era of data center development” said Ms. Xuan Quynh.

This convention was successfully finished. USDC and Huawei will definitely continue to collaborate in the upcoming events so that we could actualize our desire to become your business partner in the era of digital transformation. Don’t forget to follow us to be updated with the latest hot news. 


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