Process and Form of Payment



  • – Party A: Buyer
  • – Party B: Seller

Process & Form of Payment

A. Service charges are mutually agreed in the Appendix. When there is a change in the price, Party B will notify Party A and automatically update it on Party B’s service delivery system. The Parties will apply the notified service charge without the need to sign alternative Appendixes. Other terms of the Agreement and the Appendix remain in effect, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties at that time.

B. Within 5 days before the next period, Party B sends charge notification to Party A. After receiving the charge notice, Party A shall pay within 5 working days after receiving the payment notice.

C. All inquiries about service fees and invoices for the period in which the service arises are responded to in writing within 10 days from the date of payment notice and resolved within the next 15 days from the date of feedback receipt.

D. If Party A terminates the Agreement prior to the expiry of the term, Party B shall not refund any service fee.

E. Party A agrees to select and pay charges to Party B in one of the following cycles:

    Monthly            Prepay 3 Months          Prepay 6 Months          Prepay 12 Months

F. Party B will notify Party A the fee that Party A must pay in the form chosen by Party A in Article H below. Party A is obliged to pay the fee within the time specified by Party B in the payment notice. In case Party A violates the payment terms, Party A must pay the following amount:

F.1 Fine = 8% x [value of the violated obligation part]

F.2 Interest on late payment= Interest of 1-year loans x [numbers of date payment/360] x [value of the violated obligation part] 

G. After 5 days of receiving the payment, Party B issues an invoice in accordance with the payment cycle selected by Party A and sends it according to the registration information of Party A. In case Party A needs to change invoice information, Party B A must notify Party B in writing at least 15 days in advance. Electronic invoice into Party A’s email.

H. Payment method

 Cash  

 Transfer banking

 Other method

Transfer Information



At: Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank – Gia Dinh Branch

Account number (VND): 19135764990017

Account number (USD): 19135764990025