Object Storage vs File Storage in the Cloud

Object storage help you:

  • Focuses on storing large amounts of unstructured data at scale.
  • Can be used by enterprise workloads as well as for backup solutions.
  • Fit the bill for many other requirements.
  • For application developers who might be looking for a storage option in the cloud to store huge amounts of data.
  • Provides the ability to quickly scale and the unlimited storage capacity for Big data analytics.
  • Use for disaster recovery.
  • Classify frequently accessed data (hot data) and less-frequently accessed data (cold or cool) to store in different Tier, optimizing your cost.

While File storage in the Cloud provide user with:

  • Caters to the storage requirements of structured data often neatly arranged in volumes/folders in a hierarchical manner.
  • Can be used for direct migration of legacy applications to the cloud using a file share over protocols such as NFS or CIFS.
  • Replicating data between hybrid or multi-cloud environments for data sharing, data collaboration or CDN.
  • Integrate with third-party Services to increase value Proposition. 

So how can user choose the optimal solution between the two:

The answer is pretty simple: it depends on your usage, requirements as well as your budget.

However, there is one critical factor that should be taken into consideration is the ability of the storage solution to reduce the size of the data that is sent over to cloud storage.

For each solution, there are a few ways of reducing the size of data including thin provisioning, data compression, deduplication, data tiering, and intelligent delta snapshots tracking.

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