Next Generation Data Centers Bolster the Banks in Digitalization Race

[Ho Chi Minh, 29/06/2022] USDC Technology, together with Huawei and Sao Bac Dau Technology Group, did successfully organize the workshop “Digital Transformation Infrastructure in Banking & Finance Sector”. The event had become a special gathering point for more than 50 specialists/CIO/CTO/IT managers from big brand names in banking & finance sector to visit and discuss.

One of the most significant feature in this event was the confirmation of strategic partnership between the two companies: Sao Bac Dau and USDC  Technology have jointly pitched in to promote Huawei’s next-generation Data Center solution in Vietnam Market. With technology capacity, experience in implementation, reputation in the IT market, and especially a thorough understanding about customers, business processes and global trends, we will be good companions to comprehensively deploy solutions for the financial – banking sector.” – Mr. Nghiem Sy Thang – Vice Director of Sao Bac Dau Technology Group said.

Mr. Nghiem Sy Thang – Vice Director of Sao Bac Dau Technology Group

To initiate the digital transformation journey, infrastructure is one of the most critical point that organizations are particularly interested in. Building a strong IT infrastructure will enable to shorten the time of customer services; streamline the working process of human resources to improve work efficiency; Besides, building infrastructure also means that information will be digititalized, stored completely and synchronized in real time so that enterprises can easily access, review and handle professional tasks. This is also the pivotal topic of the workshop to find out solutions which may turn challenges into advantages in the transition from the traditional transaction model to the 4.0 transaction model in Finance – Banking sector.

At this event, Mr. Vo Huu Thang and Ms. Pham Nguyen Xuan Quynh from Huawei Data Center Facility department did clearly highlighted the current trends and challenges in infrastructure digitalization and the ecosystem of Huawei’s solution as well.

Ms. Pham Nguyen Xuan Quynh (on the right) and Mr. Vo Huu Thang (on the left) from Huawe Data Center Facility department

Futhermore, Huawei Data Center Facility Solution also attracted special attention of attendees – a data center full-stack solution with 4 levels: data center infrastructure, hardware platform, cloud platform, and business application. Huawei’s concepts are to gradually transform: Construction becomes Product; Product becomes Module; Module becomes Smart with artificial intelligence and cloud platform.

Mr. Nguyen Chi Ha Hai – CEO of USDC Technology sharing his knowledge & experiences about Huawei Smart Modular Data Center

Continuously, the workshop also provide more information about Sao Bac Dau’s Video Teller Machine (VTM) Solutio which is a combination of self-service and teller services, the intersection among customers’ expectations and banks’ demands. With VTM, the bank can completely reduce the number of tellers by 40 – 50% compared to traditional transaction offices, and as a result, the customer service time increases by 320% (according to the actual survey of Kuveyt Bank in Turkey about VTM).

Mr. Nguyen Hoa Tho – Solution Consulting Specialist of Sao Bac Dau Technology Group sharing with attendees about VTM

After that, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Giang – CTO of USDC Technology did give an informative presentation about SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) solution – one of the most significant services from USDC Technology. SD-WAN actualizes fast connectivity services for data centers, headquarters, branches, and cloud platforms. SD-WAN solutions also bring practical values to businesses such as: Saving more than 50% of transmission costs, deploying solutions quickly, diversifying approaches, and optimizing bandwidth.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Giang – CTO of USDC Technology

The event successfully closed and also opened up promising opportunities for the collaboration between USDC Technology and Sao Bac Dau in bolstering banking & financial enterprises’ infrastructure with Huawei Data Center Facility.

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