Global Outlook & Forecast 2022-2027 reported the blooming growth figures of Modular Data Center Market


2021 was a blooming year of Modular Data Center all over the world when the market size was estimated to grow from US$13.785 billion in 2020 to US$18.20 billion in 2021, and is expected to reach US $38.27 billion by 2027. As a critical player in the Vietnam Data Center market, USDC Technology has partnered with Huawei Vietnam to provide customers with a new-generation modular data center solution with complete integration of cabinets, power supply, distribution systems, cooling systems, and cabling systems, management software, and much more.

Besides the negative impacts on each of us, the outbreak of COVID19 conversely made a positive impact on the global modular data center market. According to a study published by Cloudfare Inc., internet usage increased by more than 25% in most major cities across the world as a result of the lockdown and work-from-home measures. Modular Data centers improved their capacity in response to the increased load on their networks. In addition, compared to the traditional data center deployment, the time and the labor cost required for modular data center deployment are much lower. The flexible assembly of power, cooling, and racks promotes flexibility for the data center operators. Due to such great benefits, the compound annual growth rate of this market is estimated to be 13.19% from 2022 to 2027. 

According to Modular Data Center Market – Global Outlook & Forecast 2022-2027, in the infrastructure segment, the functional module is expected to dominate the market with a share of around 60% in 2027. In terms of the functional module segment, the IT module is predicted to dominate the market with a share of around 43% in 2027.

Increasing Modular data center design & deployment

  • Continuous evolution in the design and engineering of a data center facility by key operators and architecture and engineering firms will bring in multiple innovations in the development and operations of a green data center
  • Modular data center buildouts tackle challenges such as a high PUE, high operational costs of traditional data centers, and high environmental impact
  • Modular data center deployment using a templatized plug-and-play method to build modules makes requirement gathering of each material type easier, ensuring there is very little or no wastage.
  • The countries that have deployed 5G will witness the development of Performance-Optimized Data center (POD) facilities in countries such as Australia, the US, and China
  • Developing regions such as Latin America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East & Africa will witness modular deployment to operate a green environment.

Increase in the adoption of cloud at Edge, Big Data, and IoT

  • The edge cloud is a modern method for deploying cloud data centers at several locations nearer to customers, which is boosted by the growth in the deployment of modular data centers
  • The major cloud service providers such as Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure are aiming at cloud edge computing capabilities
  • Several data center operators such as Equinix, Digital Realty, Vantage Data Centers, Cologix, NEXTDC, ST Telemedia Global Data Centers, NTT Global Data Centers, Global Switch, EdgeConneX, and others host cloud on-ramps to access hyper-scale cloud service providers directly and privately
  • Big data and IoT are fueling the market for modular data centers as modular solutions offer flexibility to support HPC solutions such as IoT and big data
  • The growing adoption of smart devices, the increasing demand for analytics, cloud adoption, and the growth of wireless networking technologies have led several organizations to invest in big data and IoT technology.

Geographically, APAC region is a developing modular data center market, with China & Hong Kong leading the market in terms of investment and power capacity.​  Besides that, Australia & New Zealand, India, Japan, and Southeast Asia are also evaluated as promising markets. 

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