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When data processing has become one of the key processes in digital transformation. Many businesses project in the fields of Big Data, IoT, and AI, the demand for the Edge Data Center system has grown in tandem. In this topic, we’ll walk you through the concept of Edge Data Center and introduce Edge Data Center solutions from USDC Technology that’s designed for suitable use in a particular edge environment.

What is Edge Data Center? And what role will it play in the corporate business?

Originally, investing in building a Data Center was considered a big investment with the high cost and complicated maintenance. As soon as the concept of Cloud was born, Enterprises are rapidly adopting as it solves the traditional problems of data centers.

However, as technology continues to develop and new trends happen continuously. Whether it’s collecting huge amounts of data for processing such as Big Data, bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) devices into business products or processes, bringing massive computing power to process data to create AI systems, and many others, using the cloud alone is no longer enough to meet the needs.

In the meantime, the concept of Micro Data Center that many people may be familiar with is a rack that is comparable to a Data Center room to enable the use of IT equipment that previously had to be installed in a Data Center. Only move and install in this Micro Data Center Rack and start using immediately, it has become popular. Because with the processing technology in that era, the system has much higher efficiency. The IT equipment can be installed within only a few U of rack space, making many organizations turn to Micro Data Center instead of building a real data center for small and medium-sized businesses to branches of large enterprises.

This Micro Data Center has evolved to become today’s Edge Data Center. Due to a large number of Big Data, IoT, and AI projects, the need for highly efficient computing systems to be distributed everywhere, which is an area that produces huge amounts of data and wants the processing to happen in real-time. For example, machine control systems in automated factories that collect massive amounts of data from sensors and cameras installed on the production line, face detection systems for analysis and recognition. faces inside shopping malls or in airports, and much more. Micro Data Centers are deployed in a distributed manner and work with the Cloud to become the Edge Data Center like today.

As a result, Edge Data Center has become a very versatile solution. It can be used alone to replace a small data center or used in conjunction with existing data centers or cloud services to support distributed systems. The basic features of the Edge Data Center are as below:

– It looks like a standard rack cabinet that can install various IT equipment ready for use.

– Built-in cooling management system.

– Built-in electrical system.

– Built-in monitoring, management, and safety control system.

– It is a ready-made solution that has been designed and tested. 

– Ready for users to choose and modify various components as needed

USDC Technology Edge Data Center: A Simple, Fast and Cost-Effective Alternative to Data Center Investments

USDC Technology, as the technology leader in Data Centers, has developed Micro Data Center and Edge Data Center solutions to meet the needs of enterprise businesses around the world that need a ready-to-use data center system. It can be comparable to a large data center, thus ensuring the enterprise IT systems will work smoothly and steadily.

USDC Technology Edge Data Center is a pre-configured that combines Racks, electrical system, cooling system, monitoring system, and security system together for easy maintenance or troubleshooting. It can also save energy up to 30% with a closed cooling system. The hot and cold air is separated for efficient temperature management.

Another interesting point is the design of the Edge Data Center system to be modular, capable of scale-out expansion to support future IT growth that may require additional storage, processor or support more applications easily. In addition, the solutions are designed for interconnected across rack cabinets and allow users to choose to start with systems from 1-6 Rack sizes. since the beginning, the overall system is also designed to make the most efficient use of space. Therefore, it saves up to 50% of space than the general data center usage, and can also be easily relocated for future up-gradation.

In terms of durability, the USDC Technology Edge Data Center supports N+1 redundancy of power and cooling, as well as built-in Fire Detection & Suppression and a wide range of security options. Therefore, if the system requires high stability and durability, or has audit and compliance requirements, it can be designed to suit these needs.

We designed the Edge Data Center solution specifically for Vietnamese Enterprise's needs.

To meet the needs, USDC Technology offers an Edge Data Center solution that is especially suitable for Vietnam, give Vietnamese businesses an option to invest in the Edge Data Center system that can be used with the most efficiency, great value, and have a team ready to serve all over the country.

This tailor-made solution for Vietnamese enterprises is divided into a few main sizes, starting from the smallest Edge Data Center at just 24U height, to the ready height dual rack system, or bigger. There is a separation of hot and cold air for efficient ventilation, a monitoring system to monitor the operation of equipment and systems within the Edge Data Center, all of which USDC Technology teams will work together to install for customers, provide Onsite service to solve problems encountered during usage.

For businesses that want to deploy edge data centers across multiple locations, USDC Technology Edge Data Centers are also equipped with Multi-Site Controls to enable monitoring of the edge data centers deployed in each location. From the center easily with the Alerting system that will help notify problems that occur in real-time

A practical example of Edge Data Center in Vietnam

USDC Technology has experiences in bringing this edge data center technology to help meet the needs of various businesses. Below are quite a few interesting case studies:

The first example is for a business with multiple branches. Each branch has limited space. Building a Data Center in these branches to support a particular IT system in addition to having high investment costs. The cost, which is the rental cost of the location at each branch, is also very high per square meter if the branch is located in the city center.

Edge Data Center is able to answer this problem very well by utilizing less installation space than a typical rack installation, but it can support all IT systems and does not require complicated procedures such as air duct. In addition, if any branch wants to move the installation location, it can be done easily.

The next example is the case of a university where even IT systems are necessary for teaching and learning management. But the budget to invest in building and maintaining the data center is not much. Edge Data Center has become the choice with various technologies and standards. The reliability within the Edge Data Center system means that the university’s important servers will no longer have to face the problems of humidity and temperature control within the Data Center as they had to face in the past.

For the last example is a hospital that used to have a large data center before. But when it comes to investing in a new IT system, with modern technology, the number of equipment and space required to install is 50% reduced, causing this hospital to switch to the Edge Data Center.

How to choose the most worthwhile investment in a Data Center? Let's consult USDC Technology immediately

USDC Technology is a company from Vietnam with teams that have many years of experience in Data Center installation. All related to the Data Center, USDC Technology’s team is ready to give advice and compare options, help you to answer questions on how should the Data Center be designed on the most suitable and cost-effective in the long run under desired budget.

About USDC Technology

Universal Smart Data Center Technology was established by people with a broad vision of Information and Communication Technology. They are a professional and leading company in technology construction for Smart Data Center services in Vietnam and the region. Its commitment to take total ownership of projects has resulted in an enviable client portfolio, featuring some of the most renowned brands. Its mission to deliver society the most optimal products and services by applying the latest technologies.

USDC Technology Data Center

Launched on December, 2020, USDC Technology Data Center was built on class Tier III. Located on Sai Gon Hitech Park, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (so called Vietnam’s Silicon Valley). The data center is available connection with all large networks, locate in strategic site to cover the East of Ho Chi Minh city. Our world-class data centers provide full-scale services. At USDC Technology, nothing is of greater importance to us than keeping your applications online and your data secure.

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