IdeaHub – The Ideal Product For Online Activities

Date: Saturday, October 25, 2021, 9:30am (UTC +07)

Location: Webinar

An increasing amount of organizations/schools are stimulating working from home or teaching online. Because of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, it has been an increasingly digital requirement for every online activity, from learning & teaching to online meetings & business collaboration, anywhere, anytime.

To share the overall pictures of IdeaHub, and to help organizations solve the challenges for “WORK FROM HOME, STAY CONNECT & COLLABORATION FROM ANYWHERE“. On Saturday, October 23, 2021, at 9:30 am (UTC +07), USDC Technology & Huawei Vietnam Enterprise organized an Online Webinar “Bring Digital to Every Online Activities”.

Had over 20 technicians & engineers enjoyed the activity with an updated solutions for New Style Smart Office & Digitalized Education by IdeaHub. 

In the beginning, Mr. James – Managing Partner from USDC Technology, and Ms. Cindy – Account Manager from Huawei gave a brief opening about the event and the market requirement for the solution, which can help the business entities solve their current challenges. Through the partnership with Huawei Vietnam, USDC Technology will together identify key areas that organizations can optimize a comprehensive assessment service and then implement the right solutions to support their IT requirements.

Following up, Mr. Thanh shared a brief introduction about Huawei and IdeaHub, how IdeaHub is an ideal product to bring the future into office/classroom. It effortlessly transforms meeting rooms, open-plan offices, and boardrooms into collaboration spaces. IdeaHub has a built-in camera and microphones that combine video conferencing with whiteboard and wireless content sharing, and more…

Continuing, Mr. Phuc – Sales Manager from USDC Technology presented how IdeaHub brings the Digitalization Education for Flexible Teaching & High Quality Learning. He went through the current education challenges and why IdeaHub going to be the best fit with many success cases globally.

We are looking forward to welcome more attendees on our offline events in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city after the Pandemic. If you missed the live webinar, please click “Here” to enjoy again.

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