Bare Metal as a Service Promo – Only 18 Mil VND/05 Dell EMC R630 Server/Month

USDC Technology launches a super promotion program exclusively for Bare Metal as a Service in Q4/2021. Customers will only need to pay 18,000,000VND/month to own 05 Dell EMC R630 Server. With this super attractive program, we want to make a small contribution to help businesses reduce costs during the pandemic with the need to upgrade their IT infrastructure.

1. Promotion Name: “Bare Metal as a Service Promo”

2. Time: From 01/10/2021 to 31/12/2021

3. Promotion Form:

– Reduced service fees
– Additional free service

4. Applicable Service:

– Data Center related services: Bare Metal as a Service

5. Who will able to join this program?:
The program applies to all customers who register new, renew, upgrade and supplement services, not applicable to Reseller customers.

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6. Promotion Details:

Only 18,000,000 VND/month for 05 Dell EMC R630 Servers.

7. Term & Conditions:

– To enjoy the promotion, please fill in the correct voucher code when paying for the service
– Discount code is not applicable in conjunction with other Sales Programs and Promotions (if any).
– The amount is directly reduced to the service fee when paying for the order
– The program cannot be exchanged for cash

For more information about the promotion, please contact:

Hotline: (+84) 28 73080708

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